Why is Kickboxing the Best Sport for Women?

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With countless benefits kickboxing has to offer, more women are getting into kickboxing than ever before.

There are numerous reasons why kickboxing is considered the best sport for women. In this post, we’ll be highlighting a few of them to help you make your decision faster and enroll yourself in a kickboxing class near you.  

Burns Calories Faster

Kickboxing is a combination of martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio, thus, it provides a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn a lot of calories and fat.

It is a highly efficient workout and burns around 750 calories in only an hour. If you add in additional workouts in your Dallas kickboxing classes, such as jump rope or conditioning drills, you will be able to burn around 750 to 900 calories in an hour.

Kickboxing is one of the most effective ways to burn stubborn belly fat. This stubborn belly fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even numerous types of cancer. 

Studies have proved that aerobic exercises, such as kickboxing, are the ideal way of reducing belly fat than resistance training, by burning an average of 67% more calories.

Tone Your Entire Body

Kickboxing makes you engage all your muscle groups in the body, giving you a full-body workout

A typical Dallas kickboxing class combines drills with ropes, circuit training, and core conditioning exercises. For instance, with each kick, you will be working your waist, belly, as well as legs. Moreover, if you use kickboxing pads, instead of air boxing, you will burn even more calories. You will also work your back and trim your waist as each move in kickboxing requires a lot of core power behind it.

Therefore, engaging your core will also ultimately result in improved coordination, as the constant movement in kickboxing improves flexibility and reflexes as well.

Learn Valuable Self-Defense Moves

Having the ability to protect yourself and practice self-defense is a valuable asset any woman can have.

Apart from the physical workout benefits, self-defense is also a great benefit for women. Women can learn efficient self-defense techniques with kickboxing. 

A kickboxing class focuses on teaching punches, kicks, weaving, bobbing, and knee-ups.  Moreover, you as a student will also learn how to land kicks and punches as well as gauge distance.  These punches, knee-ups, kicks, weaving, and bobbing are techniques that can be used as self-defense.

Take Out Stress and Aggression

At times, intense physical activity is probably the best way to release stress after a hard day at work. Kickboxing offers a healthy way to get out some of the frustrations you might have out of your system. Moreover, it will also help you get a better night’s sleep, improve your sleep cycle and mental clarity as well.

When you kickbox, your body will increase the release of endorphins, which eradicates stress. Even the group atmosphere of kickboxing effectively releases endorphins. Any type of intense and vigorous activity releases these feel-good chemicals, but group exercise tends to enhance their impact.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

When you have good cardiovascular health, you will be less vulnerable to heart diseases, for instance, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac failure.

Numerous studies have found a positive link between exercise and improved cardiovascular health. As kickboxing engages all your major muscle groups, it enables blood to flow freely through your body, providing energy to different parts of the body. The source of an efficient blood flow is the heart. Thus, the energy in kickboxing strengthens the heart muscle.

Increased Metabolism

One of the greatest benefits of kickboxing is that it increases metabolism. Metabolism is a constant cellular process that helps us to breathe and carry out our everyday tasks. Thus, the intensity of kickboxing will increase your metabolism. This is because you will be using up more energy, and the body needs to provide this energy faster.

When your body’s metabolic rate is high, you will be able to convert food to energy faster. As a result, this will help you to lose weight faster, and feel refreshed and healthier.

Moreover, if you do kickboxing during fasting, your body will begin to convert the stored energy (fat) into energy. This, as a result, can help you burn body fat a lot faster.

Feel Attractive and Confident

The feel of kickboxing alone gives a confident feeling. Kickboxing itself is a challenging sport, and when you start seeing results, that alone boosts confidence dramatically as you’ve accomplished something and that is something to be proud of!

Moreover, combined with your fitness, defense skills, and stress relief, it’s nearly impossible not to feel more confident and stronger!

Aerobic Effects

Once you join a kickboxing class you will notice muscles you didn’t even know you had. As all the major muscle groups in your body are getting used, the oxygen requirements for the body are increased along with increased rate. This ultimately results in improved cardiovascular conditioning. 

Improves Posture

Kickboxing is a great break from around in your house all day or in an office., Therefore, kickboxing is going to help you improve your posture as this sport makes you use your core and be precise to perform most of the movements.

Increase Energy Levels

As this form of sport is a high-intensity cardio routine, you will need to push your body and mind to the max. This will help you release toxins from your body.

Increases Flexibility

As you are going to use your body’s muscles to the max, it will result in increased flexibility. In the long run, this flexibility will help you prevent injuries in the future because the more flexible you are, the lower the chances of getting hurt.

Allows you to Socialize

Once you join a kickboxing class, you will get the chance to work with a partner or a group, and get pumped up by those around you. Most people tend to exercise harder, which only adds up to your motivation. To sum it up, you will be surrounded by the same people, which will allow you to socialize.

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