What to do if the toilet is clogged?

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So your meeting came to an end, your head brightened, your body felt better, and you, full of enthusiasm and vitality, stood up to flush the toilet and think why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet? but it doesn’t go away!

Wait to despair! In 90% of cases, cleaning the toilet is not difficult at all. To do this, we need a large rag, a stick more than a meter long (a mop will do) and a few more small rags. With small rags, you need to plug all the drain holes in the apartment: a bathtub (you can use a cork), a sink, a sink in the kitchen, etc. Don’t miss a single one.

A large rag should be wetted and squeezed out. Wrap it on a stick in such a way that it does not, under any circumstances, go into the pipe. It must either be secured with something, or hold it by the edge with your hand. The main thing is not to let her into the bowels of your white friend!

Now we lower our “torch”, lower the water and push the “torch” sharply … there! But abruptly – it’s not with all the foolishness to break the toilet. You need to make a short, neat and at the same time quick downward movement.

Pushed there. They lingered for a second. And just as sharply pulled out. Then push the “torch” sharply into the toilet again. So until the water comes off. After that, you need to drain the water again and do everything over again until the result is achieved. Keep in mind this moment, if you have an unclosed drain somewhere or there are loose connections of the fan pipe, then this cleaning method will not work. And at the same time it is not necessary to push the “torch” into the jolt with a flourish and at a run, because poop will be on the walls. If this cleaning option did not work (but, as I said, in 90% this is enough to clear the jam), then go to plan “be”. It is more time consuming and requires a tool.

First thing you will do:

So, first, let’s remove the toilet. To do this, you need to find how it is attached and unscrew the fasteners. When the toilet was removed, there was an impressive heap of crap in the funnel (just in case, bon appetit, although I did not dare to photograph it. We extract everything from there, unnecessary:

Let’s analyze this sequence:

There was no rubber transition for the cast iron fan, so the first cleaning method did not work. Knowing this, the “elastic” was prepared in advance. We clean and wipe dry the cast-iron pipe in the place where the transition should be and insert it.

Next, we mount the toilet, screw it back to the floor and coat the joint, just in case, with a sealant. Now we need to make a control descent. And, if the water leaves well, and does not flow at the joints, the meeting room is ready to go.

If the water does not leave, then there is another option.


It happens that somehow in a large pipe, floor rags, bags, bundles of condoms, etc. fall into the large pipe. All this does not get stuck in the apartment and somehow goes down. But below, at the “dangerous turn” (the pipe from the vertical position turns into the horizontal one), this “rag” stops. And it can be understood, there are no signs of a “dangerous turn” in the pipe, and there is nothing to slow down. This is where the circus begins. The fun of the circus is directly proportional to the number of floors in the house. And the most fun will be the apartment closest to the jam.

Everything that falls from the upper floors will accumulate in the pipe until it reaches the first apartment. And then it will flow through the toilet to the floor. If the described situation is suddenly familiar to someone, you need to install a check valve in the waste pipe to avoid this in the future.

Not everything today. Fruitful gatherings for you!

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