What does every Blogger need while Writing for hours?

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Blogging has turned into a massive source of income and an exposure for the world to see and read you. It garners a great amount of income every month and it’s one of the most convenient and comfortable jobs to do in the world. If you think that way, then you are wrong. Blogging is extremely tough, competitive and demands constant hard work. You’ll have to give it years of work and time to get the investment and readers on your website. However, if your content creation quality is superior, then you are bound to receive thousands and soon millions of visitors on your site, constantly reading your blogs.

The content marketing industry itself is to be worth $400 billions by the end of 2020. There’s about to be a 16% growth annually with 1700 million people in the world reading the blogs. While 500 million blogs are getting published on the internet. There’s a place for new writers with exceptional thought and story to publish for people hungry. Bloggers are not just people with comfortable and easy jobs, it demands rigorous exercise and works to get noticed and work your way up to reach thousands of viewers.

With such tight-knit competition in the market, bloggers have to work for hours to publish a well-crafted article to garner an interested audience. There is no doubt about the deliberate efforts put in by bloggers around the world to publish their precious craft. It needs research, collection of ideas, proofread, grammar-check, plagiarism check, sentence structure and many more. The freeway of working is still chained with many limitations and various amounts of effort contributed to it.

You might think that bloggers only need a laptop, internet and ideas, no that is not just it. Bloggers also need protection for their eyes. With the increasing amount of time sitting against the screen, the eyes of every web writer are in extreme danger. If you are a blogger, you must have experienced various types of small yet irritating eye problems. These problems frequently disturb and cause you immense pain. Fortunately, with the help of blue light glasses online, you can combat this issue and continue to write like a pro in a safe and protective zone.

How many hours do bloggers work against the screen?

Believe it or not, whether it is a pro or a beginner in the writing industry it takes about 7-8 hours per day to write good quality content. In the recent survey conducted, most of the bloggers suggested they work for 5- 7 hours in the day to come up with a valuable piece of the blog in a day. On the other hand, pro writers were most likely to work about 8-9 hours per day on their work. Pros are those writers whose central source of income comes from blogging while the beginner or not yet pro bloggers do not pursue blogging as a full-time job hence there is a drop in the hours of their work.

Many bloggers also like to work at midnight hence protection for the eyes becomes a concerning matter. Bloggers with such prolonged hours of daily work facing the screen bring a lot of risk to the eyes. Many bloggers have talked about facing an increasing number of eye problems like eye strain, headache, watery-eye, itchiness, blurry vision, burning sensation and many others.

Screen use leads to various problems in the eyes as well as their sleeping pattern. These problems sound insignificant as first lead to an immense threat to the future. If there’s no immediate action to cease the growing problems in the eyes, you’ll experience the risk of developing serious vision disease.

Solution: Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are one essential that every blogger needs at any hours of their work. Blue light contains a superior blue light coating with anti-reflective properties to shield your eyes from incoming damaging blue light rays. Blue light rays are the main cause of various eye problems, and these rays are constantly emitted from our digital devices. With prolonged hours of daily writing, a blogger’s eyes turn sore and at unease due to receiving the constant exposure of these detrimental rays. That’s where Blue light rays scoop in to offer noteworthy benefits to the eyes. Here are some of its marvellous benefits towards eye protection:

  • Elimination of all eye problems
  • Not more headache and eye strain
  • No Neck and shoulder pain
  • Reduced risk of progressive vision loss
  • Comfortable Sleeping hours
  • 100% protection from blue light rays
  • Effective blocking of blue light rays
  • Clear and pleasant viewing experience

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