How Is Western Medicine Different From Eastern Medicine

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The western and eastern worlds are different from each other in multiple ways; the cuisine, culture, traditions, and everything else is poles apart. However, as the world evolved and modernized, these differences appear to be changing every minute. Though there are differences in some fields, and one of those fields is medicine. Western medicine has very little in common with Eastern Medicine. 

The Western Medicine 

The western form of treating patients is the most common one. Traditionally western medicine was used all over the world. In the western world, doctors see patients, do a thorough checkup, and detect the illness. Then, based on the evaluation of the patient, they prescribe medicines or whatever treatment they seem fit. 

Pros of Western Medicine

  • Western medicine is fast-acting. The results are visible in a very short span of time. The patient can feel relief from pain very quickly, which is also one of the reasons patients prefer it.
  • In cases where an urgent or immediate solution is required, western medicine is the go-to option. With its help, you can get rid of discomfort very quickly and continue with your daily routine. 
  • Laboratories, X-Rays, and all other sorts of advanced tools are available and developed by the western world. These allow doctors to examine patients more accurately. 
  • Western medicine acts in a specific way and makes sure that the goal is being met. For example, a doctor would give ibuprofen to a patient suffering from a very severe headache. They would have the satisfaction that the medicine will help the patient feel at ease and get rid of their pain. 

Cons of Western Medicine 

Western medicine‘s popularity is prevailing because of how fast-acting it is. This medicines’ rapid action is what makes it a patient’s favorite because, let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with discomfort or pain. We are all looking for an easy way out when in pain. However, we need to keep in mind that not everything right for us in the short term will benefit us in the long term as well. 

  • Western medicine does not benefit a person in the future. There are certain side effects of whatever medicine we take, and when we are taking those medicines, we do not realize how it is affecting our body and what damages it is doing to us. 
  • Although by nature, there isn’t anything in western medicine that makes them addictive. We can say that because they provide an easy solution to a patient’s problems. However, there are times when a person becomes so used to consuming it that even if they feel the slightest of pain, they end up consuming the medicine.
  • Increased intake of western medicine also makes it less effective in the long run. Our bodies become used to overtaking the medicine. And after some time, we don’t feel its effect like we used to. Due to this, patients might have to increase their dose as well.
  • One of the most lethal disadvantages of western medicine is that it deals with the patient’s symptoms rather than dealing with the basic problem causing those symptoms. So even if you feel better, you are only being cured for the time being. However, the basic cause of your pain is not being dealt with.
  • Some medicines might be helping us feel better, but at the same time, they are affecting other parts of our body.

The Eastern Medicine 

Eastern Medicine has a very different approach than western medicine. Instead of completely treating the patient with the help of medicines, they use different sorts of treatments. In eastern medicine, patients are not treated by only looking at their symptoms, but they look at the body as a whole. They try to understand the root cause of the problem and then help the patient feel better. Eastern medicine is a more organic way of treating patients. The medicines are replaced with herbs, spices, vegetables, and a healthy diet. Test and operations are replaced with exercise and medication in cases where possible. 

Pros of Eastern Medicine 

  • Even though there has not been as much research in eastern medicine as western medicine, but even then, it is very effective. It helps the patient feel much better and gets rid of their problem from its root. 
  • The results of eastern medicine are exceptional. For example, skin problems, rashes, acne, and even heart issues have been treated with eastern medicine. 
  • There are no consequences of using eastern medicine. Organic and natural things are a part of it, so you don’t have to worry about it negatively impacting your body. 
  • It is a one-time solution to your problem; you do not have to go through treatments, again and again, to feel better. It cleanses your body, makes it healthier, and protects you from diseases in the future as well. 

Cons of Eastern Medicine 

There is no doubt that eastern medicine has done wonders. Many patients have been cured with the use of eastern medicine. However, it comes with some factors we can’t ignore, and they make it a risky option.

  • There is no research to back the claims of those who are in support of eastern medicine.
  • It is a new concept and the use of eastern medicine has increased in the past few years. It has not been used to such an extent that doctors can tell what kind of effect it may have on patients with underlying conditions. 
  • It is not fast-acting. You have to go through the treatment for a specific time period, and only then can you see visible results. 

Choose A Healthy Life

Both eastern and western medicine help us feel a lot better, and doctors have used them to heal patients with multiple conditions. But the best thing to do is opt for a healthy lifestyle; if you are taking care of your body, you won’t have to go through the trouble of going to expensive and tiring treatments to feel healthy and fresh. 

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