The Trend Of Custom Masks On Social Media

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Masks these days are visible throughout the world but social media shows a geographical figure that tells that the trend is more scene in Asian countries compared to Europe and the US. You can see that various social media influencers are posting their face wearing custom masks more than the usual celebs or bigger influencers daily.

That’s not all since a lot of designers have also joined the race worldwide and are creating custom face masks with custom embroidery Toronto. They are keeping a close eye on trends and bringing lives in the mask with different styles, patterns, and colors.

Face masks are still very new to the fashion world since they came in the trend recently courtesy of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. However, the rate at which the world has accepted or adjusted with this trend has shown us a varying trend.

The trend in the West has been very slow initially since the masks were still an accessory closely linked to medical professions only. But with the influence of social media and designers, this connotation has started seeing various changes.

Apart from this, the masks were already a usual part of life in various Asian countries partially before the pandemic because of various environmental and health risks.

Now that the whole world has seen a surge in wearing, purchase, and changing masks, we can see that people have started using styled ones as well. This can be seen both on social media as well as streets that the custom masks have been the preference that goes well with their outfit of the day.

So now the big question comes in, will face masks be called legit fashion accessories by themselves and continue to be popular amongst designers for heavy demand by people?

How popular face masks are around the globe?

Looking at the demand rate closely, the usage of face masks varies a lot geographically and this keeps dwindling all the time.

– Asia:

There is a strong representation of culture here with the face masks. For instance, in Japan, they are used to showcase collective protection and civic duty. Apart from the usual pandemic thing or keeping the social interaction at a minimum, these face masks are also being used during the early cold season without gaining unnecessary attention from the surrounding people.

– US and Europe:

In the western world and their culture, the mask-wearing habit is still considered to be a hindrance while they go out. There is an understanding that it disturbs the quality of communication they have with other people on the streets or amongst their group.

Currently, the Asian countries rule the usage of designer custom mask usage and the popularity amongst the same. even before the pandemic, Japan was seeing a constant usage of face masks with an average use of 45 masks a year.

These face masks were also a constant in China as well as South Korea since these countries have highly polluted cities and masks act as a barrier from environmental pollution.

On social media, the average post of a person wearing a mask along with their group or solo has seen a rise from March 2020 until mid-May 2020 which later went up with custom face masks Toronto throughout the world.

The popularity of face masks appearance in social media posts around the world

From mid-March to mid-May, 4% of posts out of all the posts made in China and Japan were spotted with a mask. The number was twice as compared to Europe in this area geographically.

Compared to the US, the posts suggested that 2.8% of people are already using a mask for various reasons before COVID-19 started spreading its legs.

With the year moving on ahead, the number of posts where people appearing with a mask has gone up significantly to tell that how bad things have gone. Luckily people find styling sense in this as well where they went on to choose custom face masks designed by dedicated designers.

Which people are posting face mask content on their page regularly?

It is seen that the rise of custom masks has been majorly done with the influencers on social media where they keep adapting with changing times and the current trend. Their desire to grow and set an example in the community to follow safety measures during this tough time has been appreciated pretty well.

The rise of custom face masks as a fashion trend

Although few designer companies haven’t taken any initiative on this, many have gone berserk with huge production of designer face masks. Today it comes in various sizes, styles, patterns, and colors to match your outfit or theme of the day.

Some of the bigger brands are also bringing a collection in the coming weeks with an announcement already made. No matter how various brands react, there is one thing for sure that face masks are now a part of fashion accessories and a necessity while you are indulging in social interaction.

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