“The Role of IT Auditor and The Best Certification for The Job”

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Best Certification

Best Certification

When we talk about a company with a single office and a few hundred employees, it is not such a big deal to handle the technology and business strategies. High-speed internet connectivity and few responsible heads are enough to keep things in track. But how can the situation be for a company which has a dozen offices and with some thousands of employees? The humongous infrastructure of such large companies is quite challenging to handle. It might need their own data analysis system, data solutions, and maybe own data managing software to keep both business and growth on the same page. This category of companies abides by numerous protocols and regulations in all countries they operate. Now the question arises that how do these companies maintain such vast bulk of Information security and technology infrastructure? The IT auditors answer this question is the aptest aspect.
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Who are these IT auditors? What sort of role do they play in an organization?

The IT auditor is the professional that takes up the entire responsibility of assessment, analysis, and audits of the technological backbone of an organization. IT auditors hunt for efficient and practical tools to deal with the company’s security threats and risk management aspects. An auditor ensures that the whole system of the company runs seamlessly without many hindrances on security and compliance grounds. The auditor must be serious about every step since a single misstep, or a technical glitch can ripple down the entire process to the ground. Thus, significant importance lies on the shoulders of the IT auditors to keep the company stable and growing. Several patterns of audits are performed in a company. However, the inspections have turned their face towards digitalization and automation systems, leaving the primitive manual approaches back. The skillset of an IT auditor includes dealing efficiently with Data Analysis, security auditing, IT threats, Internal audits, IT security, IT infrastructure, and security threat management. These are a few of the endless responsibilities that a company relies on an IT auditor.

Cracking in an IT auditing job- Eligibility and Certifications

The basic entry-level auditing jobs require a bachelor’s degree in the domain of computer sciences, accounting, finance, or management information systems. A candidate might be needing a robust skillset and experience in Information security and technology infrastructures. An extensive analytical and technical excellence is also demanded in the grounds of IT auditing jobs.

Apart from these, several certification programs can affiliate the technical skills and make a candidate more deserving of cracking an IT auditing job. All of these certifications are globally accredited and have international recognition. These can both steam up the chances of getting an IT auditing job and bring in more opportunities to expand more in the IT business world. The two most opted certifications are mentioned below.

  • Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) certification- Headed by ISACA, this certification program is specially crafted for the IT and IT professionals to opt-in a better career prospect in the auditing grounds. Clearing a CISA certification is quite technical and required in-depth knowledge of the subject. A minimum of 5years of working experience in the relevant domain is also mandatory to get the certification approved.
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification- This is yet another certification program designed explicitly for IS managers and aims to inculcate better development and managing strategies. The approval of the CISM certification requires 5years of working experience in the IS domain with a 3years of expertise in the post of a security manager.

There are many other certifications available in this domain of job profile. However, the ones mentioned above are the most opted and with the highest success rate. 

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