Rules for Walking Cats on the Street

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Cats love going out and spending time with nature. They are the most curious pets and like exploring new places. Similarly, the cats you keep as a pet and stay indoors most of the time also need to spend some time outside.

But taking your indoor cat outside is not an easy task. Walking on the street require proper training for cat to enjoy a perfect day out. You do not want your cat to get in trouble while spending time out. Every cat owner must follow some rules to go out for a walk. It will be helpful for both of you and allows your cat to spend some quality time in good health.

1.    Give Leash Training to your Cat

Indoor training is necessary before actually taking your cat out. And the first thing to get started with is leash training. Usually, the cats are not used to it because they are pets that rarely use leash or harnesses. Making them comfortable and use to it is very important.

Otherwise, it can be difficult to control them and you must not want your cat to be out of control. Cats are not used to it and it takes a lot of time to adjust to it, so you have to be patient. Avoid stressing your cat and do not put pressure on her. Let her enjoy her time outdoors.

2.    They must be Comfortable in their Harness

As cats are not used to it and you have to provide them proper training to use a harness. It is also very important to consider if your cat is comfortable with it or not. Because you do not want to put too much pressure on your cat so you cannot force your cat.

Indoor practice and training are the best ways to help your cat become used to it. So, when you take her out on an actual day, she will be happier, comfortable, and confident. If she will be uncomfortable then she cannot enjoy her time out all the time may act like she is not happy.

3.    Make Sure your Cat Won’t Escape

After your cat becomes comfortable and used to the harness or the collar. The next thing to consider is your cat won’t escape from your sight. Cats become super-excited when going out because everything new attracts them naturally.

The curious nature of cats fascinates them and they want to move freely. But you do not want this at all. You have to be more careful and active while taking your cat out. If your cat finds an escape, she can meet an accident or get injured. To avoid this, you have to stay with your cat all that time.

4.    Take your Cat’s Bag with all the Essentials

It is always a good idea to prepare a bag for your cat while you plan to her day out. A bag with all the essentials for your cat will be really helpful. The must-haves in the bag are food, water, cleaning wipes, your cat’s favorite toys.

You must know all the essentials what to have in cat’s bag. All this stuff will help you and your cat enjoys a perfect day out. In case you need anything then it will be available in your cat’s bag and you do not have to seek help from any random person.

5.    Do not Force your Cat

Forcing your cat is the biggest mistake that cat owners usually do while they are out with their little partners. Never force your cat to do what you want. Let her do her stuff and let her enjoy her time. Provide your cat with her favorite toys and allow her to play.

But it does not mean you do not have to keep an eye on your cat. Allow her to play and spend some free time. Also, do not let her stay alone. When you leave her free to do what she likes, your cat will be happier and show her love to you. Keeping in mind these few tips and rules will help you make your pet feel happy.


The above-mentioned few rules are must to follow by each cat owner when they plan a day out with their friend. It is important to make your pet happy but at the same time, safety and protection are also a priority. Following these rules and keeping these tips in mind will help you enjoy a perfect day out with your cat.

Make your cat feel comfortable and happier while she is out with you. And for this, you have to give your cat proper training. Mentioned a few tips and rules will make it easier for you to have a perfect walk with your cat.

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