Process and Guidelines every jewellers in Hatton Garden follow

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The most celebrated place to buy jewellery from in London is Hatton Garden Street. Hatton Garden is home to various types of jewellery. Whether you are looking for antique vintage jewellery, fashion jewellery or bespoke jewellery, Hatton Garden is the place for you. Known as the diamond district, most shops in Hatton Garden are jewellery shops which sell bespoke diamond jewellery. Since diamonds are most commonly associated with engagement rings, most of the people come to Hatton Garden to buy customized engagement rings. Here is the process and guideline followed by all jewellers in Hatton garden while designing a bespoke engagement ring.

Ring Design

The first step in designing a bespoke ring is to choose the ring design. There are several designs when it comes to rings. Jewelers Hatton Garden will give you a detailed explanation of the various ring designs after which you can choose the design which you like best. The design of the ring can be a solitaire ring design, pave set ring design, halo or hidden halo ring design and a trilogy design.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond refers to the shape of the diamond the ring will have. This is the second step in designing a customized ring. There several diamond cuts like round cut, princess cut, oval cut, pear shape cut and emerald cut. The cut of the diamond determines the sparkling ability of the diamond since the number of facets change with the cut. For example, a round cut diamond sparkles more that an oval cut. You can choose alternative colored gemstones for a more modern look.

Metal of the ring

Once you are done choose the diamond shape, you go on to choose the metal of the ring. Your ring can have a platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver or palladium metal band. You can choose a suitable metal depending on how often you plan to wear the ring along with the practical qualities of each metal. You will be allowed to try on different rings of different metals in order to see which metals suits your skin tone best. You can also choose for mixing of metals in your ring.

Adding details

The last step is to combine all your choices together and add other finer details to the ring. You can choose if you want to have stones set in the metal band or alter the way the metal band with hold the stone. You can opt for a channel set, claw set, tension or grain set. When it comes to the shape of the metal band you can choose between a twirl design, tapered design or a split design. You can also add intricate carvings or engrave a message in order to personalize the ring. The professionals will patiently educate you about all of the above mentioned features while designing engagement rings in Hatton Garden. After gathering information regarding the same you can get the ring made according your style and taste.

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