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Many Benefits That Video Games Can Bring You in this Year

The benefits of video games are a subject that has given rise to various investigations, since this means of entertainment has been associated, on repeated occasions, with positive contributions for people who frequently resort to them.

These benefits are not limited to dispelling boredom, but directly influence the well-being and health of the players. Next, we show the most outstanding.

Reasons Why Video Games Are Good

The reasons why video games are good are those that, according to various studies, can be classified as health benefits of playing video games. These benefits are as follows

Improve Reading Ability And Visual Attention

Some video games help improve reading and visual attention skills, since they require users to focus their attention on the screen, which works as a tool to train these characteristics such as wow wotlk gold.

To carry out the research, 36 adults were divided into two groups: action game players and people who do not usually play this kind of game. After several tests, the group of action game players had better results in reading ability and visual attention scores.

The interesting thing about this is that it could help treat certain disorders, as other studies have suggested that video games could help treat dyslexia. Therefore, it is possible that in the future video games will be developed that are completely focused on functioning as tools to treat dyslexia and improve reading ability.

They Help Treat Amblyopia Or Lazy Eye

An investigation carried out by researchers from the University of California was in charge of demonstrating how young adults with amblyopia (also known as “lazy eye”) can improve their vision thanks to video games.

The specific figures thrown by the investigation showed that the visual acuity of the study subjects increased by an average of 30%.

They Help Reduce The Sensation Of Pain

Pain is a fairly complex sensation, which can become very problematic. Fortunately, among the benefits of playing video games like wotlk gold is its ability to reduce that perception.

The discovery of these positive effects is due to a report that was published in the British Medical Journal, in which it has been discovered that, due to the high level of concentration required by video games, the sensation of pain can be reduced by avoiding putting the focus on the pain and divert attention to the game.

These results were obtained through research conducted with children undergoing chemotherapy. The little ones consumed fewer painkillers for the test and thanks to the video games buy wotlk gold they experienced good.

They Are A Tool For Physiotherapy

Thanks to the development of video games with motion sensors, it is possible to use them as tools to help people who need to regain mobility after having suffered a fracture. In fact, its benefits are not limited to this type of therapy, but can even be useful in the treatment to improve reflexes and coordination, in people who have suffered neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Improve The Ability To Decide

Because video games constantly affect people’s quick and agile decision-making, a group of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh was commissioned to develop a video game in which the player was able to control a doctor. In the development of the game, I had to constantly make decisions. The experiment showed that doctors who spent an hour playing it managed to improve their decision-making ability.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

Beyond the fact that video games are good for improving many of our abilities, there are some advantages and disadvantages of video games that are important to highlight:


  • They improve hand and eye coordination.
  • In the case of games with motion sensors, they are a good tool to enhance physical activity.
  • They are effective in stimulating visual dexterity.
  • They increase the ability to concentrate.
  • In the case of online video games, they help improve social skills.


  • Online video games may require parental supervision.
  • Some video games may have sensitive material and it is advisable to first find out about it before getting hold of it.
  • Devices for playing video games can require a significant investment.
  • It is convenient to control the time of exposure to the screens.


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