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Makeup Beauty Hacks You Should Know

Your addiction to cosmetics does not have to lead you to ruin.

1. Always try products on before you buy

Never be guided by the color of the packaging, because you risk that it does not fit you or you do not like how it looks on your skin. If there are no testers, on this page you can see pictures of how it looks on, you just have to write the name of the product.

2. Before anything, check what you have

It takes a lot of courage to buy a lipstick and realize that you have five others that are practically the same color. So that it doesn’t happen to you, keep your cosmetics in sight and take a look at them before you buy, so you will be more likely to remember what you have.

3. Resist temptation for 24 hours

Typical, you walk into the store for wholesale cosmetics and want to take everything. Before you head to the checkout, try it on, leave the store, and wait a day. If after that you still think about that product even in your dreams, then yes, buy it. Otherwise, ask yourself, did you really want it as much as you thought?

4. Invest in good tools

Using a poor quality sponge or brush makes your products run out faster, because they absorb everything instead of putting it on your face. In the long run, you end up applying more makeup than you really need. It is better to invest in these tools that, if you take good care of them, will last you for years.

5. And if you are going to use sponges, cut them in half to make better use of them

Many of the sponges are too big and end up absorbing the product in the center. Better cut them in half and they last twice as long.

6. Do not buy things “for later”

It’s super tempting to take advantage of sales to buy the same product and save it for refills, but remember that makeup also has an expiration date. If you want to take advantage of the promotion, better gather your friends and buy together. That way no one will end up with a drawer full of spoiled things.

7. If it broke, don’t throw it away

If you dropped a blush, an eyeshadow or a compact powder and it broke into a thousand pieces, nothing happens! You can fix it with a little alcohol, a spoon and the packaging. Just powder it and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to form a paste. Put it back in the packaging and use your fingers or the spoon to flatten it well. Let it sit for a few hours and it will return to normal.

8. You don’t need to buy expensive mascara, just put away the brush

On many occasions, this product costs more for the brush it has and not necessarily for the formula. If you want to save money, when you finish it, wash the brush well and put it away. Thus, you can buy a cheaper option and use the expensive brush to apply. You will have the same effect, without spending as much. As well as choose best products such as Laura mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.


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