How to Grow Your Instagram Following A Strategic Plan

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How to Grow Your Instagram Following A Strategic Plan

Instagram has been around for more than a decade, and over all these years, the platform has undergone multiple changes. Be it the look of the logo or how the feed looks, the changes have been dynamic. Even more, the algorithms have been revised and modified, new features have been getting launched. There is a huge variety of things always happening. 

With this plethora of options, businesses have joined forces with Instagram to increase the user base and increase the sales funnel, leading to positive changes in revenues and business exposure. But one question remains the same; how are you going to keep up with everything? Well, the answer is pretty simple that you need to keep inculcating revised and compliant growth strategies. 

How to Grow Your Instagram Following A Strategic Plan

These growth strategies are outlined in the strategic plan and these are designed to help increase the number of followers. This requires an apt combination of engagement, content, and high exposure. These are probably the prime reasons that people are following you, right? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you have a good idea about Instagram followers growth

However, it should clearly depict if such ideas have generated growth or positive results in the past or not. For instance, if you’ve been trying new growth strategies but they didn’t ensure progressive growth, you might need to make some tweaks, right? So, in this article, we are sharing the techniques and a plan that will help you increase the Instagram growth in no time. Let’s see what this is all about! 

Stay Consistent 

If you’ve a business, you need to keep in mind that you have to be consistent. This is mainly because the businesses don’t start offering profits the next day of business inauguration. Similarly, when you are trying to harness a new platform and that too a social media platform, you need to stay determined and consistent because there is highly saturated competition out there. 

For instance, there are high chances that you had high hopes for some video or picture post, but it didn’t go as planned. So, you need to optimize the posts in a way that grabs the attention. Also, you need to line out the content quality, posting frequency, and the posting schedules. These factors will become your identity and you need to sure that they remain consistent.

When you keep posting at one time, the followers wills start memorizing the time and when the clock struck that time, they will eagerly wait for your posts. As a business, you can start posting few times a week, while the posting time remains constant. So, just make sure that the time remains same and the content quality is top-notch as well!

Be Diverse In Production 

When it comes down to the in-feed posts, one needs to understand that there are no relegations regarding the engagement. This is because you need to think about other metrics such as story replies, mentions, and more. Also, you need to be diverse when it comes down the content. For instance, you can make the IGTV videos or post the simple videos. You can add the GIFs and photos. 

In simpler words, you need to keep changing the content type and format because it will create higher chances for engagement, leading to higher growth rate. You can also create a mix of stories and in-feed posts. This is harnessed by adding the in-feed post and remind the followers to see the post through the stories. 


When people are following the businesses offering products and services, this is because they want to buy something from them. However, people are often very reluctant in buying the products and services for the first time. So, you can host the contest and give away some products and services for free as the reward for winning the contest.

For instant, you can also add the contest rules, asking the followers to make their friends follow you as well. When this starts happening, you will get to increase the number of followers and the random people will get free products and services. On top of everything, these free products will make the winner your permanent customer because they get the trial for free. 

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