How To Customize A T-Shirt With Terrific Embroidery Design

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T-shirts are quite comfortable to wear and they are available in everyone’s wardrobe. T-shirts are quite easy to wear, but it does not mean that they should be simple. You can customize your t-shirts and make them an interesting staple in your wardrobe.

There are different ways of customization, but embroidery and printing are the top two techniques. We would recommend you choose embroidery for good visual appeal and durability.

The machine embroidery embellishment on t-shirt such as the Kansas city chiefs logo vector embroidery design can instantly turn your outfit from casual to chic. Here, we are going to discuss top tips for designing attractive t-shirts.

1. Pay Attention To Quality

If you want to observe good results, you should pay attention to the quality of the fabric. If you want to observe qualitative results at the end, you should never compromise with the quality from the start, when it comes to embroidery, heavy cotton blend fabric is better than lightweight fabric. The lightweight shirt may result in a puckering effect in your embroidery design.

2. Wash It Before Start

You should wash the fabric or t-shirt before start the embroidery process. Sometimes, even no-shrink cotton may shrink after washing. You should wash and dry the shirt before starting embroidery.

If your fabric shrinks then even the best embroidery design will lead to a puckering effect. After washing your t-shirt, you should start embroidery with a no-show cutaway mesh and tear-away stabilizer.

3. Use Stabilizer

The key rule of stabilizing is that if you wear it, then do not tear it. We would recommend you to use a cut-away stabilizer, especially a fusible no-show mesh. The stabilizer will help in keeping knits from going out of shape.

Thus, the stabilizer helps in keeping the embroidery design in its place. You should turn shirts inside-out so that you can attach a piece of no-show mesh. Make sure that it is larger than the size of the hoop.

Again, turn the shirt to bright the right side out. Now, start searching for the center point so that you can properly stabilize the shirt. You should make sure that the stabilizer snugs the t-shirt and does not pull it.

4. Use Right Needle And Thread

If you want to create an embroidered design on t-shirts and sweatshirts, then you should choose ballpoint needles. It is recommended that you should use a small size needle to complete the embroidery job. Well, hand embroidery is difficult. If you do not want to create an embroidered design by hand, you should choose embroidery machines.

The embroidery machines can create any design on your t-shirt and make them look visually appealing. Whether you are doing embroidery by hands or by using machines, you should choose a good quality thread that is fade-resistant and bleach-resistant.

5. Choose A Good Design

To obtain good output, you need to choose a good design. The customize t-shirts describe the real you. Thus, while choosing the design, you should consider what you want to reflect through the shirt design.

You can either choose a graphic design or a text-based design. When it comes to hand embroidery, you should choose simple embroidery designs. If you have an embroidery machine, you can go for any complicated design.

But, you need a computerized form of design for embroidering your t-shirt. You can take the help of professionals for converting your sketch-work into a computerized design or you can simply download the digital embroidery designs available online such as Pittsburgh steelers logo png embroidery design.

6. Use A Topper

You should use a water-soluble topper to ensure that the embroidery knits are perfect. You should baste the layer of topper on the embroidery region. Once your embroidery is finished, remove excess topper with your hands and leftover will be removed by water. The topper will help in making clean knits of the embroidery design.

7. Test Stitches

Whether you are going to make an embroidery design with your hands or you are using embroidery machines, you should consider stitches before starting the embroidery process on your t-shirt. You can use your old t-shirt for testing stitches and design.

You should make sure that the old t-shirt is of the same weight as this one. Testing stitches and design on an old t-shirt will prevent you from making any mistake while creating an embroidery design on the actual t-shirt.

8. Get Rid Of Excess Stabilizer

Once the embroidery is done, you should carefully remove the excess stabilizer from the edges. Some people have sensitive skin. If you are one of those, you should apply a fusible tricot on the backside of the embroidery.  

9. Gently Press Once the embroidery process is completed, you should gently press the embroidered area from the backside. It will help in removing hoop marks and wrinkles as well

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