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Nail Polish Color

How To Choose Nail Polish Color Nail Polish Application Steps

How To Choose The Nail Polish Color

1. Dull Yellow Skin Tone: Dull yellow skin tone should use brown nail polish and orange nail polish to help brighten the skin tone.

2. Dark Complexion: Dark complexion should use bright colors of nail polish, such as gold, red, bronze, or added sequins nail polish to help enhance the health of the skin color.

3. Skin Tone Is White: Skin tone is white can try any color, such as rose color can help enhance the overall temperament of the body; silver color to give a sense of the future; pink color will make people look more delicate and so on.

4. Red Skin Tone: People with red skin tone should use light galglitter nail polish to help balance the fingers and make them more slender and long.

Nail Polish Application Steps

One: Shake galglitter Nail Polish: Shaking the nail polish before applying nail polish can make the solidified nail polish become even. Nail polish bottle into the palm of your handshake can.

Two: Apply Primer: Applying primer can make the color of nail polish more durable and bright and can also protect the nails. Apply from the bottom of the nail to the tip of the nail. The closer to the tip of the nail with a little more force can be.

Three: Apply Nail Polish: First, apply a stroke in the middle of the nail, then apply two coats. After applying one coat, then apply another coat, and then just make up the edges of the nail.

Four: Apply Top Coat: Then apply the top coat with the same application method to be able to make the nail polish color shinier.

The Nail Polish Is Not Breathable?

It is normal to feel that your nail polish is not breathable. I believe that many people have a feeling that their nails are not breathable after applying nail polish, which is actually a normal phenomenon and a side effect of nail polish. Nail polish contains a lot of pigment, acetone, acetic acid, ethyl ester, and other ingredients, which are harmful, and, when applied to the nails, will prevent the nails from breathing normally, thus making the nails feel airless.

How To Reduce The Sense Of Impermeability Of Nails

1: Before applying nail polish, it is best to apply a layer of nail primer; nail primer is like a cosmetic barrier cream that can help block and reduce the damage of nail polish on the nails but also make the nails become a tougher shiny feeling.

2: Will try to control the number of layers of nail polish to 1-2 layers. In addition, do not used ecals, nail chips, and other items.

3: Try to do fewer phototherapy nails, use ordinary nail polish instead, ordinary nail polishing preference to fast-drying nail polish; fast-drying nail polish is very volatile; when using a higher safety for the human respiratory system, it is also less harmful.

4: After applying a nail polish removal, at least give your nails a week’s rest, do not do nail art.

5: Regular care of the nails, apply hard nail polish, and nutritional massage cream to the nails; these products have a great help for the health of the nails.


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