How to Choose a Good Bag – 5 Tips to choose the ideal handbag

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Our wallet is an indispensable object that we must never leave. But there is more than one way to carry it. Therefore it is highly recommended to make a small visit to the catwalks to be inspired by the fashion shows of designers, or to take a walk through the stores of bags and accessories such as Michael Kors shopping bags.

There are almost as many ways to carry a bag as there are different types of dior ladies bags and are used today: cross strap, hand, shoulder, elbow, hip, wrist, back etc.

Here is a small guide to the different ways to carry your handbag, purse, handbag, school bag or backpack according to the look you want.

How to choose a bag?

1. – Find the Right Model for Your Personality:

One thing is certain, the bags are especially suitable for those who go out often and prefer elegant clothes. Now they are available in all shapes, colors and materials to delight fashionable women and men in summer and winter!

If what you are looking for is pure practicality, for example when you go out with boys or girls, the handbag is perfect, more than a simple shoulder bag. And since the latter is ultra-modern right now, let’s not hesitate for a moment!

For business women, I recommend shoulder bags, which are quite large and square, to store a laptop or other business documents. And above all, don’t forget to choose a bag with plenty of storage space. It’s all about organization!

But very often women have two types of bags in their closet: a practical and a more elegant one.

2. – Find The Model Adapted To Your Morphology:

It is true that some bag shapes fit the silhouette better than others. If you have small curves, it is better to choose the “shoulder” or “hand” models. The bag, for example, tends to accentuate the curves of a woman, especially when it is placed on the back. If you want to “hide” your forms, it is better to choose a bag to carry in your hand.

But what counts above all is the concept of volume, which is becoming less and less round. The question of matter also comes into play. In the case of a shoulder bag, I suggest you choose a soft leather model, which is flat and fits perfectly with any silhouette.

3. – Find The Model That Fits Your Size:

If you are quite small, it is better to choose a small bag to keep the proportions harmonious. Be careful with quantities that are too large. Larger women and men have a little more choice, although choosing a mini bag helps create too much contrast with their silhouette… To meet the expectations of fashionable women and men, different sizes are now available. Bags are often offered in two sizes, so that everyone can find what they are looking for luxury e store.

4. – Is it easy to dare with colors and even with prints?

Yes absolutely! And with all the beautiful, bright, festive colors this summer – fuchsia, yellow, green – it would be a shame to hide them from us. The bag, on the other hand, emphasizes a style and can sometimes attract attention.

Even if the color or pattern does not interfere with the silhouette, it should suit the dress you are wearing. For example, with the black dress code you can carry a bag in a striking color that just brightens the look.

The prints are there to give joy and give the bag a different style. One piece of advice: have the courage! But watch out for fashion mistakes and bad associations! Remember that almost anything is possible; fashion is the expression of the creativity of each person!

5. – Do we choose “Hand Carried” or “Shoulder Carried”?

Each woman or man carries their bag differently. The length and type of clothing varies according to the wishes of each woman and man and also according to the fashion of the moment. In this season there are many bags with handles, which are completed with a longer shoulder strap, it is perfect to vary the pleasure of carrying a wonderful bag.

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