Living in New York is considered to be on the to-do list of every young person in the world. It is the city that never sleeps. It is the largest city in the world, according to those who were born and raised there. So leaving New York is never easy and you can find many cheap places to live near NYC. Even if you hate it, you love to hate it. So what is it like to go from the Big Apple to the Magic City? Emotional Weird. A great change. But all change is good, right? There few emotional steps to moving from New York to Miami and here they are.

First step to move from New York to Miami: disbelief and denial

You decide to move and you sit and think: it’s not happening. You can’t leave your house. How are you going to manage as good interior designer NYC without your friends, your colleagues, and your family? And go to the land of parties, tanning and retirement? It’s like adding insult to injury. You can’t do that.

New York Pride

New Yorkers are a group of angry, hard-working people who are extremely proud to live in New York. They call themselves New Yorkers, not Americans, for yelling out loud. Living in New York makes you feel like there is nowhere to go. It is a world of opportunity, of life, a dynamic center full of life. There’s a lot to love about New York, so you can understand why they’re so proud of it. The streets, the art, the skyline, the best neighborhoods in New York, the best bagels, the restaurants… Still, your pride can be too much and New Yorkers can be dismissive. Precisely for this reason, for them, the first step in moving from New York to Miami is denial. They just don’t see Miami as a decent enough place to live.

Stage Two of Moving from New York to Miami: Anger and Frustration

As you pack and prepare for the move, you start looking for a reliable moving company. It’s not right for a New Yorker to travel alone. And it’s not like asking your neighbors to help you. Then you meet Capital City Movers NYC and love them for the job. After that, the move is official. So you arrive with all your belongings well packed and transferred to Miami. Instantly, the anger grew. Why is it so hot? And wet? Why is everyone smiling? Also, people don’t work hard enough. And where are my bagels?

Third stage of moving from New York to Miami – Romantic glasses and nostalgia

When something ends, you start looking through romantic glasses. That is, you think only of the good sides. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about relationships, jobs, or moving. So, you start thinking about all the things you’ll miss about New York (there are some things you won’t miss, but they fade from your mind at this particular moment). you will miss

Central Park. All the walks, talks, runs and kisses you’ve had in this magical place

And the busy streets and the subway

All that chaos that you secretly love

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Station, the brownstones, the skyline, the MET, MoMA…

Brooklyn’s bridge

Coffee stalls, flaunted bagels, Dunkin Donut

Morning walks

Fall. Fall in New York is so unbelievably beautiful that it takes your breath away. All the colors of nature and of the city itself. It is truly unforgettable.

You look around Miami and it doesn’t seem to compare. To your surprise, it is possible, you just have to let it be.

Step 4 of Moving from New York to Miami – Change of Mind and Excitement

After a while, you notice that you wake up smiling. You start to like what you see. Of course, that could be because you still think you’ll end up going back to New York. However, your heart, like the weather, heats up. And there are so many business opportunities in Florida. You may have even decided that moving from New York to Miami is a good option. And after work, some people invite you for a drink in Little Havana and it looks so nice. You begin to love the colors and the tranquility with which Miamians live. Who knows?

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