Cold Season: The Best Scarves and Pashmina Designs and Styles for Everyday Wear

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Scarves and pashminas are an essential basic in our closet. These accessories have become the key to fill any outfit with a lot of elegance and fashion, especially during winter to provide warmth. If you want to wear a scarf or pashmina in this cold season, here at Simi Boutique we show you the best designs and styles that will accompany you on a daily basis.

1. Plaid Shawl Scarf:

The design of this scarf is characterized by being a classic that does not go out of style, because it complements most of your outfits. Made with materials that are light, soft and comfortable to wear.

An accessory that you can use on the coldest days to warm your neck, without neglecting elegance. In addition, it is the perfect synchronization between casual and elegant, so that you are prepared for an outing with friends or a business meeting.

2. Neutral Colored Wool Pashmina with Floral Print:

A pashmina made with wool fabric, super comfortable that offers warmth and softness to your neck. Its neutral colors and floral prints make it a perfect accessory for any season of the year.

Due to its length you can wear it in different ways to transform your look from simple to casual. Therefore, it will be the complement for you to use it with a variety of garments such as sweaters, dresses and shirts.

3. Extra-Long Scarf Made with Breathable and Soft Fabrics:

This cashmere scarf is made with fine and modal viscose fabric, which are characterized by being comfortable, breathable and soft. It is designed in a flat color with fringes to add movement.

The style of this scarf is perfect to achieve that fashion and chic look that we all love. It is even suitable for both elegant occasions such as a wedding or an evening out.

4. Casual Leopard Print Pashmina:

This casual pashmina has been made with stretch fabrics that provide excellent warmth. Its leopard print design gives it an animal print style that never goes out of style.

It has the perfect length to cover your neck and shoulders, and it will be a piece that you can combine with any garment in your wardrobe. In addition, this pashmina includes a hat to cover your ears and head.

5. Basic Scarf with Ribbed Fabrics:

Made with a combination of special fabrics that stand out for hugging your skin to feel comfortable while wearing it. Its size is perfect to wrap around your neck and it is very easy to put on.

This scarf is a wild card that will make you look neat, stylish and fashionable. It is a practical accessory that keeps you warm and that will suit a myriad of outfits this season.

If you are looking for other designs of scarves and Pashmina Scarf to wear this cold season, be sure to see other options right here at Simi Boutique.

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