Brazilian beauty maven Renata talks about the exceptional magic of a healthy life

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What is ‘holistic health’?  This word encompasses the mental, psychological and physical wellbeing and happiness of an individual. Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open. To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.

The very charismatic and charming Renata De Abreu is a healthy life seeker based in Brazil. She has managed to maintain a positive and healthy outlook and encourages others to do the same. The beauty and health advocate spreads positivity and tips to ensure healthfulness through her phenomenal work in the world of wellbeing. Renata acquires exceptional expertise in Ayurveda, detox, and many other skin regimens. 

De Abreu is a beauty specialist, ayurvedic coach, and body therapist. Through her colossal experience of 23 years, the woman of power has pulled off a remarkable career. Her therapeutic techniques and treatments have healed and bought many on the path of healthfulness. Renata has created outstanding spas that are now a reference in all of America. One of her unique creations is The Spa Home Life, an exclusive space in Miami where you can experience what is best in technological devices and the Ayurveda preventive techniques. The Spa Home Life counts with many services such as massages, body and facial treatments, infrared sauna, laser waxing, meditation, Facial Yoga, Detox Plan; all with the same purpose: to provide you with an esthetical transformation from the inside to the outside, improving your body and mind’s health.

Furthermore, Renata acquires and practices oriental therapies such as Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Tuina, medicinal Ayurvedic techniques associated with Aromatherapy, nutrition, and physical activities that made Renata focus her career in the cure, beauty maintenance, and health through natural and preventive practices.

Besides being a therapist, she became a business icon and a consultant in the Spa industry. Today, her high-quality brand is present in over 25 spas across the world, like in Nekupe, located in Nicaragua. She was also ahead of consulting and operating the Fasano Hotel’s unities in Sao Paulo, Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro, and Punta del Este for almost ten years. Her philosophy is based on the attention to detail and individual needs of each client. For those reasons, one spa under the direction of Renata was considered the sixth-best spa in the American continent.

The superwoman has various international certifications and awards. Renata habitually participates in numerous beauty contests internationally. Renata was a student of the famous Indian doctor Deepak Chopra in The Chopra Center. Today, she represents him in the United States of America (in Florida) and Brazil with the Perfect Health Program. The top-tier health seeker has partnered with top brands to encourage a healthy and lively outlook. They include Essence Yogi Clothing, doTERRA, and Sagrado Café, in Miami.

Renata uses her Instagram account as a constructive social media platform to encourage her followers and the masses to follow a healthy lifestyle. Her aesthetic feed is loaded with gainful ayurvedic techniques and detox power programs. The epitome of health and liveliness posts about healthy food and drinks to ensure a healthy life and outlook. Renata also habitually talks about exercises, yoga, weight management programs, aesthetic treatments, and posts prodigious and productive content to achieve a healthy life. She also uses inspirational quotes and uplifting places to keep the spirits of the viewers high. 

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