Brandboom: Best Software for Line Sheet Maker

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If you have prepared a colorful collection of your wonderful designs and products to show up to your customers or retailers, you have indeed done a great job.

However, you still have a lot of work to do; you have to make a line sheet to present them effectively and uniquely. If you want yourself to be taken seriously by your buyers, the line sheet preparation helps you.

A line sheet is regarded as the presentation tool with everything, including product images, names, logos, descriptions, and various other details that will help your buyer navigate your brand image and services most efficiently.

With Brandboom, you can also download some great templates and make them just according to your own choice. Although these templates are just the same that everybody else downloads and use for the presentation of their services.

However, you obviously would not want to look the same as others but want to move forward as being unique and creative; the Brandboom app is the best to help you in this regard.

This is regarded as one of the best software for line sheets that you can use with greater ease and simplicity.

Following are some steps that you can follow to make the line sheet for your business.

Step# 1

The very first step for this process is to make an account and go to the Product tab. Here you will have to add your products to your library to have a wide range of options for the products that you will include in your line sheet presentation later shortly.

Step# 2

Then, you click on the +Product button and fill in all the fields required to give your product identity in Brandboom. The style ID is unique to every product that you are going to create for your business, and also, and this is the only field that is required in this step.

Step# 3

After adding all the information in the required fields, you have to add the photos to match them. Step ahead and click on the “Upload Images” to upload the product images on your line sheet page.

Step# 4

After uploading these photos to your product page on the line sheet, make sure that you carefully match them with your product images.

Step# 5

If you feel satisfied with your product images to match, go ahead and save your work carefully by clicking on “Save & Continue.”

Step# 6

Step 6 is to repeat all the steps from 1 to 5 for all the product images that you will add to your line sheet that you are making with Brandboom.

Some Final Words

With this best line sheet software, you can be more competitive among various other wholesale businesses and stand on top of each of them, provided that you have used the software correctly and get the sheets at hand for a better presentation of your services.

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