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All About Recruitment And Selection Of Personnel Podcast

The selection of a company’s personnel and its recruitment are two different processes that tend to be confused.

As a talent management professional rpo recruiter, you already know how important it is to get the right candidate the right way. Although it may seem inconsequential at first glance, clarifying the difference between these processes can, in fact, help you make the best decision for your company.

Recruitment and staff selection

Recruitment and selection of personnel in a company is the process of identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and its incumbent, advertising the position and choosing the most suitable person for it.

The success of any business largely depends on the quality of its staff. Recruiting employees with the right skills can add value to a business, and recruiting workers at a wage or salary the business can afford will reduce costs. Therefore, employees must be carefully selected, managed and retained, just like any other resource.

What is recruitment and selection of personnel? Is there a difference between recruitment and selection of personnel in a company? How do organizations conduct the recruitment and selection process to reap maximum benefits?

These and other questions related to company personnel selection and recruitment are addressed in this article. Read on to get an in-depth look at these frequently used terms in today’s job markets.

What is company recruitment?

The process of finding suitable candidates and attracting them to apply for vacancies in the organization is called recruiting. It is the first step in selecting and appointing the right employees for the organization. It will advertise vacancies through newspaper ads, online job portals, LinkedIn, consulting services, or even your own company page, if you have one.

In general, recruitment is a singular process that has a complete life cycle. It begins with the identification requirements of the organization and is completed with the introduction of the hired employee.

Important Activities Involved in Recruitment

Seeing the activities that are part of each process will help you get a clearer idea of ​​what this concept means. Before defining what personnel selection is, take note of the actions that are carried out during recruitment:

Analysis of vacancies and job requirements within a company

Advertise the vacancy through various channels such as newspapers, recruitment website, media outlets, periodicals, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Attracting interested candidates to complete their applications for the jobs on offer.
  • Management of the response of interested candidates.
  • Scrutiny of submitted applications.
  • Selection of candidates.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Assessment Center

We must indicate that a clear disadvantage in the Assessment Center method is the high costs for the company that the process as a whole entails. This process entails a significant investment in the training and qualification of the selection technicians and specialized evaluators.

These types of strategies need an evaluator for every three or four participants in the group tests, and these must gather between six and twelve candidates each. In addition, the optimal duration of this method can cover almost two days of process, plus the time periods necessary to carry out the correct analysis and evaluation of results.

To all this we must add the necessary presence and participation in the situational tests of executive directors of the organization itself, at least those directly related to the job offered, as well as those responsible for the human resources department.

For its part, the advantages of the Assessment Center method are many and very beneficial when selecting the perfect candidate. The results obtained after the evaluation of the entire selection process do not focus exclusively on the current capacity of the applicant for the position.

Situational training allows something extremely important and profitable: testing the potential and future projection of the individual’s abilities and skills. It allows us to further refine the aim in the final election of the candidate, with our sights set on the return on investment.


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