Advantages Of Heating Induction

Most metals require heating to achieve optimum physical properties. Using heating induction leads to quality heating through the use of innovative systems that produce long-life performance. Using induction heat treating equipment offers flexibility that is required in today’s business, while looking ahead to enhance and meet future production needs.

Modern heat induction heating machine perform various functions including scanning, lifting or rotating, single-shot, linear transfer and rotary index. There are many advantages to choosing heating induction over other heating methods:

  • It leads to optimized consistency by eliminating the quality issues and inconsistencies that are associated with other methods. After the system has been set up and properly calibrated, there is no variation in the function. The heating pattern is consistent and can be repeated as required. Having precise temperature control means that the results are uniform. The power can be turned on and off instantly. Some of the advanced induction heating systems are able to take individual measurements of each part.
  • It leads to maximized productivity because of the speed with which the induction works. The heat is developed instantly and directly inside the material. The instant start-up needs no warm-up or cool-down period. The entire induction heating process is completed in one location leading to a flowing manufacturing system.
  • -The induct heat equipment leads to improved product quality as the part that is being heated does not come into contact with the heating source. There are reduced chances of getting product warping or distortion. This means that reject rates are minimized and there is maximum product quality. The part undergoing the heating can be put in an enclosed chamber reducing any effects of oxidation.
  • Heating induction leads to an extended life for fixtures. The heat is delivered directly to the specific part and does not affect the surrounding parts. This helps to ensure that the mechanical set up has an extended life.
  • The system is environmentally friendly as it does not burn fossil fuels. The induction heating is clean and does not pollute the environment. This helps to enhance the working conditions for the employees while protecting the environment. The induction melting furnace system does not produce smoke, noxious emissions or waste heat, and does not produce loud noise. The heating process is safe and does not endanger those operating the equipment.
  • There is a reduction of energy consumption, which leads to a reduction in the utility bills. The energy efficient process is able to convert most of the energy into useful heat. The stand-by heat losses are drastically reduced due to the fast efficient process. The fact that the induction process can lead to consistency and ability to repeat the process as required makes it very compatible with automated cooling equipment systems that are energy-efficient.

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