3 Strategies to Sell More in your Online Store

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When launching an online store, many factors must be taken into account to attract traffic, but what we really have to worry about is how we are going to boost the desire to buy in our target audience, since it will not be enough to have a good product and post it on a beautiful web page (very important but not enough). For this reason, I am going to explain below three key strategies that will help you hook your customers and create the need to know more about your business and in case juice wrld 999.

It is useless to have a well-made and attractive page, if nobody buys your products. It is like having a nice window in a physical store and everyone staying at the door. Something is going wrong, don’t you think? It is at that moment when you will have to detect what is going wrong and a good way to do it is to measure the results and draw your own conclusions:

Measure the Results

The tool that can help you do this is, without a doubt, Google Analytics. This is a great way to learn more about our clients and see the entire process the user goes through on our website. That is, Analytics will tell us where the user left our site and from there, we will draw our conclusions. In addition, it will allow us to create conversion funnels, where we can clearly see how many users have finally made a successful purchase and how many have escaped. With this, we will be able to improve those errors that made these people leave the website.

What are the Main Reasons why the user Leaves the Page?

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In my experience, users leave a web page for the following:

  • It is a confusing website; the client is lost on the page because he does not know what to do on it: do you know what your objective is? Do you want to sell products and / or create a blog to add value to your products? All this you have to have it well tied because if you do not have it clear, your client less.
  • You don’t describe your products clearly and simply. This is a very important point since your website is your cover letter. Depending on what impression you make on the client, they will return or not. Make sure to reflect the price and shipping costs, surprises of this type do not usually sit well with the customer. Another important aspect also in the product file is the purchase button, I recommend that you use a good design, choose the appropriate size, and a simple text such as “Buy” or “Add to cart”.
  • It may be that at that moment, the user who passes through your website is not looking for that product or service.
  • It is essential that your online store has a contact form page. In this way, you will be able to get emails to be able to communicate with your clients now or in the future and establish the appropriate strategies to create a greater bond with them. Another way to get their emails (because not everyone will be willing to give them to you) is by offering them something in return. For example, a good technique would be to propose the free delivery of a document of value to them, in this way, there is an exchange where you also have something to give.

Include a Blog on the Page

Companies have seen the need to create a blog to inform the customer about the characteristics of the product, the benefits it brings, and the differential value it offers. Today, this opportunity has become a must. All companies must have a blog and we also have blog juice wrld shop, not only for all of the above, but because it improves web positioning (it will help us appear in the top positions of search engines), it allows us the possibility of showing our professionalism through practical tutorials and advice and, in short, it helps us to transmit more trust to users, climbing positions and gradually becoming a benchmark in this field and thus increasing the community.

Social Media Advertising

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Social media campaigns (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads) are very effective if we take into account the steps to follow. The first thing we must do is correctly segment our audience for a specific product. If we want to sell t-shirts, instead of sending traffic to the main page of your website, a good strategy would be to direct the customer to a landing page that details the characteristics of that specific product, since the user is interested in that product and not in another of your store. In addition to this, you can create special offers for that product and make them more attractive; or create a star product at a good price to facilitate the user’s search process on your website and save time.

I hope that all these tips and strategies will be of great help to you to increase your online sales. It is a matter of effort and perseverance; the good results will come when you least expect it.

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